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Expanding THRU the BIBLE’s reach in Nigeria

June 01, 2021

Heard in the languages of Hausa and Yoruba in Nigeria for more than 20 years, last year THRU the BIBLE launched a new program for 27 million speakers of the Igbo language. The response was immediate and exciting. Together, let’s rejoice in a few of the texts we’ve already received: 

  • “God bless you all for bringing the Word of God to us in the Igbo language. You simplify the Bible so that we understand the Word very clearly. May God increase you all abundantly!”
  • “I’ve never read the Bible. I was surprised to hear that God is working for my good!” 
  • “Your teaching has taught me the importance of forgiveness in my life. I have held on to old grievances for too long.” 
  • “I have known about God, but through you I have learned about the importance of faithfulness. This is new thinking for me.” 
  • “Your program, Thru the Bible Igbo, has changed my life since I began listening to it. I want to tell everyone I know about Jesus. Do you have materials that can help?” 
  • “My family is not happy that I am Christian. I have learned that God has a plan for His people, even in the midst of persecution.” 

Prayer travelers, God is at work. Thank you for your faithful intercession. Keep it up! As we praise God that His Word is now heard in Igbo, ask Him to continue to help these listeners and all those who join us on the Bible Bus to go deeper. May God’s Word continue to transform us each day as we draw closer to Him through His Word. 

Want to learn more about THRU the BIBLE’s ministry in Igbo? Catch the Bible Bus on Friday for an update from Gregg and Steve. 

Tomorrow our prayer journey takes us to Burkina Faso, where we’ll thank God for His presence in the middle of difficult lessons.