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God is on the move in Nepal

May 13, 2021

“If Jesus is God, why was He crucified and killed on the cross as a sinner?”

“Is Jesus really God?”

“How can God be man?”

“I am not a Christian, but can you tell me how I can become one?”

Welcome, World Prayer Team. These are a few of the terrific questions and comments we’ve recently received from THRU the BIBLE’s listeners in Nepal.

As we pray today, here is a quick overview of the spiritual landscape in this rugged and welcoming country.

  • Nepal is the world’s last remaining Hindu kingdom, over 80% of the Nepalese people are Hindu
  • Buddhists comprise around ten percent of the population
  • Religious freedom is provided for under Nepalese law, but restrictions are imposed on non-Hindu groups
  • More than 96% of Nepalese people are unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Christian believers are at risk for fines and even imprisonment for proselytizing
  • Though the percentage of Christians in Nepal is small, the number of believers is growing
  • Each of the 75 districts has a church plant, and believers can be found in almost every people and caste group

God is on the move in Nepal. As you consider these facts and pray today, ask God to reach more listeners with His Word taught on THRU the BIBLE in the language of Nepali. As you do, also ask Him to give wisdom and endurance to those who answer listeners’ questions and guide all those who contact them to the truth of Jesus Christ.

Our exciting journey through Southern Asia continues tomorrow. Grab you Bible and meet us in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Listen here to TTB-Nepali.