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Many gods but no peace

May 10, 2021

Beautiful chaos. That’s how many travelers describe Varanasi, India’s holiest city.

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Our journey today brings us to Uttar Pradesh, India, where we take in the busy sights, sounds, and smells of the Ganges River. As we do, a listener named Sanjay shares his story:

“I grew up worshipping many gods but was never satisfied with their answers as to the creation of the universe and my purpose within it.

“I went to many religious leaders, but they weren’t able to help. One day I met a Christian and asked him the same questions. He opened his Bible and began to read from Genesis, chapter 1.

“After listening to the entire thing, God opened my eyes, and I was satisfied. I asked the man many more questions and he answered my queries. Afterward, he spoke of Jesus. Right away I knew I had stumbled upon something very important. He gave me a CD from Thru the Bible on the Gospel of Luke, and it completely changed my life. God spoke to me through His powerful Word, and I repented of my sins and welcomed Jesus into my life. Please pray for me as I continue to grow in my faith and begin to share it with those around me. My prayers are also with you.”

What a great report! God is using our fellow Bible Bus passengers to expand His kingdom. Thank Him today for both of these gentlemen—the one who shared the truth of God’s Word and the one who responded in faith. And as we’re praising Him, ask Him to stir the hearts of more people in Uttar Pradesh, pushing them to look for the answers that can be found only in our precious Lord, Jesus Christ.

Join us tomorrow in Pakistan as we pray for THRU the BIBLE broadcasts in Pashto and Urdu.

Listen here to TTB-Bhojpuri.