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“I reached out to the Lord, and He is mighty to save.”

April 29, 2021

Welcome, World Prayer Team. As we land in Rio De Janeiro today, we visit with Mara, a new listener of THRU the BIBLE in Portuguese. She tells us:

For dozens of years I tried to live a peaceful life and be a good person. My attempts were all frustrated until I met God in a crucial moment. I didn’t want to divorce, but arguments with my husband grew heated, and I was too stubborn to listen anymore. He began talking about moving out. That was when I reached out to the Lord in despair.

“Today, I praise God that He is mighty to save. He rescued me as I turned my heart over to Him and began to listen to your programs. Then, I invited my husband to join me. We now have a solid relationship based on our mutual love of Jesus. Thank you, my brothers. It is my prayer that God will direct many to the Lord Jesus through this practical study of the Bible. May His kingdom increase because of your labor.”

Mara is right—God is mighty to save. As we rejoice in His goodness in our lives, let’s join her in asking Him to expand THRU the BIBLE’s reach in Brazil. As more hop aboard the Bible Bus, may His Word grow them in grace and knowledge of our precious Savior, Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow is our final stop in South America. Join us in pray for Uruguay.

Listen here to TTB-Brazilian Portuguese.