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“God’s Word is more than I ever imagined.”

April 08, 2021

If you’ve hopped aboard the Bible Bus recently you’ve likely heard Steve ask you to share why you love the Bible. Rejoice with us as we hear how this listener in Papua New Guinea answers that question.

“God’s Word is more than I ever imagined. He has given me all the answers I need to live in one book! I anxiously await learning more. Please send me a Hindi Bible.”

As we celebrate this text, pray God’s Word is more accessible to all those living in Papua New Guinea. While the diversity of languages spoken and the low rate of literacy is a hindrance, we know God’s Word heard on THRU the BIBLE is making a difference. Ask Him to move more people to study with us and together we can glorify Him and share why we love the Bible.

Have you told us why you love the Bible? Do it today! Just visit to join in the celebration.

Tomorrow we make our final stop in Oceania this week. Join as we meet an inspiring friend in New Zealand.

Listen here to TTB-Hindi.