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Celebrating the miracle of salvation

March 29, 2021

It’s an exciting week here on World Prayer Today. As we count down to Resurrection Sunday, we’ll celebrate the miracle of salvation, told through stories of faith from around the world. 

Today we hear from a listener named Alice in Cambodia: 

“I thank God for letting me be His child even in this old age of mine. God has chosen me to be delivered from the darkness of my sin nature to live in the light of His grace. Through the name and the blood of Jesus Christ, I have been saved from sin.  

Thru the Bible is always alongside me as sometimes I cannot go to church because of my old body. But because of my new nature, I am hungry to hear from God. He speaks to me directly through you. Glory to God, may His name be praised on the airwaves long after I have gone home to be with Him.” 

We’ll hear another encouraging story of God’s grace tomorrow. Join us as we journey through India.

Listen here to TTB-Khmer.