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“The Bible became the balm that soothed my heart.”

March 11, 2021

“I faced many hardships that drove me to suicidal thoughts.” 

Today we’re traveling through Thailand as we hear the incredible story of a wife and mother named Chanthria. She continues: 

“The problems were too many to count and dying sounded so much easier. I turned on the radio to listen to music and contemplate it and accidentally heard your program. I’m not sure why I listened, but at the end I called your phone number. To my surprise the person who answered was kind and genuinely interested in me. She asked me to continue to listen. And so I did. 

“Over time, I began to have the strength to get back up and face another obstacle. The staff became my friends, and the Bible became the balm that soothed my heart. I do not have any more suicidal thoughts because I know God loves me and is on my side. I want to thank you so much for the constant encouragement your team has given me and for the knowledge of God’s Word. He has restored my desire to live.” 

Praise God for the producers, staff, and volunteers who work tirelessly to share God’s Word and His love in more than 120 languages around the world. Ask God to strengthen them, sustain them, and fill their hearts with gladness as they serve Him today.  

And as we’re on our knees, pray as God’s Word goes out today many more who are living in despair will hear His Word and be restored.  

Our journey continues tomorrow in Cambodia. Pray with us. 

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