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“I now have a relationship with Jesus instead of a religion”

March 02, 2021

As we travel on the Bible Bus together, have you ever gotten to a particular verse or chapter and realized it means something different than what you thought or had been taught? That’s what we hear from a listener in Quebec. Here’s his story: 

“I misunderstood and misinterpreted certain verses of the Bible. I had prejudices. Thru the Bible in French has helped me to put aside prejudices and to thwart false doctrines. There are important things about the incarnation of Jesus, about the Trinity, and the Sovereignty of God that I had never heard. I now have a relationship with Jesus instead of a religion. Thank you for giving me an understanding of what I need to know to appropriately live my life as a follower of Jesus Christ. God bless you.” 

Today as God’s Word goes out, pray more people learn to discern the truth and turn away from misconceptions. As they do, may they encounter our living God and choose to put their hope and trust in Him. 

From Nova Scotia to Nevada, tomorrow hear the story of a family who hears God’s Word and begins to share it with others. 

Listen here to TTB-French (Canadian).