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“God’s Word fills my soul with gladness and joy”

February 26, 2021

With an unemployment rate of 70% and more than half of the people living in poverty, life in Kosovo is just plain hard. For women it can be even harder. Technically equal to men under the law, women in this patriarchal society still struggle for economic and social equality.

As Ester, a listener of THRU the BIBLE’s Serbian language broadcasts, tells us:

“I am unsatisfied with my life, but God’s Word brings me comfort. I am a woman living in a rural area. I am married and I have two kids. I stay home and take care of our kids and my husband’s parents and his grandmother.

“My husband doesn’t allow me to work because he thinks that a woman should stay inside the walls of the house. I really like to work, to serve others, and to have some financial responsibility. But I cannot change his point of view. I could get the same benefits through volunteering, but he does not allow me to do that either. Our kids are growing up and starting to build lives for themselves, but I feel stuck in our home.

“One thing that has helped is after I do my duties, I grab my radio and find a quiet corner. My best company is your program. It explains the Bible very well and helps me to find peace in the Word of God. It’s so easy to get mad at the people with whom I’m living, but through your radio broadcast I have learned to respect others. I do not go to a church, but the message from God I get from your programs fills my soul with gladness and joy.”

What a great letter. Whatever we struggle with, God’s Word is our refuge. He is our joy. Pray more people in Kosovo hear His Word on THRU the BIBLE and realize the gladness they can find through a relationship with Him. As He draws them near, may they find a purpose in serving Him each day.

As we break for the weekend, may God’s Word bring you joy as well. We’ll meet again on Monday in Ontario, Canada.

Listen here to TTB-Albanian and TTB-Serbian.