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Pray for persecuted Christians in Uzbekistan

February 17, 2021

Living under one of the harshest dictatorships in Central Asia, Uzbek Christians need our prayers.

As we know from our previous travels through Uzbekistan, there are likely around 25,000 Christians in dozens of unregistered churches facing persecution, arrest, and torture from targeted attacks by government-controlled media and police. Today as we intercede for these brothers and sisters, here are a few ideas to get us started:

  • Pray they have access to God’s Word and the fellowship of other believers.
  • Pray for courage in the middle of their troubles.
  • Pray they may be a witness to those standing against them.
  • Pray for the end of their persecution.
  • Pray for religious freedom in Uzbekistan.

Pray in confidence, World Prayer Team—God is faithful to answer.

A fellow Bible Bus passenger is imprisoned in Tajikistan. Join us tomorrow for his story on World Prayer Today.