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“Why shall I live? What is the purpose of me being here?”

January 21, 2021

Our worldwide prayer journey through Eastern Europe begins today in Romania where a listener named Ioana tells how she came to hear THRU the BIBLE.

“I am a new Christian, the first in my family. My family is filled with pleasure seekers. To my surprise, pleasure did not fulfill me. I have been smoking, drinking, and having fun as much as I could. After that I ended up thinking: Why shall I live? What is the purpose of me being here?

“God was kind with me, and He sent me some Christians who shared the gospel and then introduced me to your program. I love being with God and I love learning the Bible. Every day on the way to work I listen. I do not think you can imagine how much my life has changed through this program. I am thankful to God for His Word and teachers like Dr. McGee.”

Be encouraged, World Prayer Team, and keep praying! God is using His Word and His people (including each of us) to accomplish His purposes. Thank Him today for how He is drawing more people in Eastern Europe to Himself and using His Word to grow their faith each day.

We’re praying for the brokenhearted tomorrow in West Africa. Gather with us in Nigeria.

Listen here to TTB-Romanian.