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“Thank you for keeping us spiritually nourished each day.”

January 19, 2021

With breathtaking Himalayan views and charming villages nestled in the hillsides, Nepal’s appeal is irresistible for mountain lovers of all ages.

Welcome, World Prayer Team. As we make our way through Southern Asia today, we stop and focus our hearts in the country of Nepal.

Together we traverse trails, meander medieval cities, and find the world’s last remaining Hindu kingdom is every bit as charming as the travel brochures advertise. However, we also find that those who call Nepal home face many difficulties that need our intercession.

Nepal ended its long line of monarchies by becoming a republic in 2008, yet political instability, civil strife, and labor problems continue. Each year 25% to 40% of Nepalese people live below the poverty line. Also, anti-conversion laws make it dangerous for Christians to share their faith and those who do can incur fines or be imprisoned. Yet for many the risk is worth it, and God’s Word is spreading.

Today churches or home groups can be found in each of the 75 districts, and radio reaches those in remote areas like this listener who shares:

“Churches have closed because of Covid-19, and people have been told to stay home. But we have not missed anything because our church is Thru the Bible. I have heard many in the city are attending Zoom churches, but we do not have internet services in our village. Through the radio we can still listen and learn. Your teaching helps me and my family grow in faith and fellowship. Thank you for keeping us spiritually nourished each day.”

Thank God for the gift of His Word and the way it continues to reach people in big cities and remote villages. Ask Him to use radio, the internet, and the SD cards that are distributed to THRU the BIBLE home groups to reach the millions of Nepalese who have yet to hear the Good News of God’s saving grace.

We’re traveling through the Middle East and praying John 10:10 tomorrow. Bring your Bible and hop aboard.

Listen here to TTB-Nepali.