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“I've glimpse life out of the shadows ... I want more of it.”

January 11, 2021

From the rice paddies of Vietnam to the urban slums of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and throughout the lowland plains of Laos, God’s Word is reaching listeners in the most remote and desperate places of Southeast Asia. Including this gentleman in Myanmar.

“In our village the talk is crude and the people fight. We have little and many are angry all the time. Your programs are helping me see the difference between darkness and light. There is a lot of darkness here. I was given a radio by a pastor who visited us. I play it loudly at night. Some neighbors have begun to listen with me. I am praying your words from the Bible will help us to escape from this dark path. Now that I have gotten a glimpse of life out of the shadows, I want to experience more of it.”

Yes! Pray everyone in Southeastern Asia who hears THRU the BIBLE is drawn to the light of God’s character and love. As they choose to follow Him, may the darkness in their lives and villages be driven out and His glory shine brightly for all to see.

We’re praying for God’s Word to drive out misconceptions and untruths in Middle Africa tomorrow. Your faithful intercession is needed.

Listen here to TTB-Burmese.