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We’re praising God for changed lives in India

December 21, 2020

“I attended church because it made me feel good. I was known as a religious man, but I didn’t understand the Bible. In my heart I was ashamed.”

That’s what we hear from Jabari, a listener of TTB-Telugu in Andhra Pradesh, India. He continues his story:

“Many years passed, and one day our pastor decided to place the loudspeaker on top of the church roof so villagers can listen to God’s Word. When I started listening to your messages through the speaker, it completely changed my world. Earlier, my desire was just to be a religious Christian. After listening to the radio programs, I had to check myself and I could see I needed God. I began to be filled with His Word, and I confessed everything before the feet of Jesus and truly accepted Him as my personal Savior. I began to grow in faith and trusted God as my Shepherd, Savior, and heavenly Father rather than making Him just a God of weekly or seasonal Sundays, Christmas, Good Fridays, and others. I pray others like me will do the same. I am now a new person. I once was an empty vessel; now I ask God to send His Spirit to flow through me.”

Praise God for the power of His Word in our lives. Like Jabari, let’s pray more people in India hear God’s Word on Thru the Bible and allow Him to fill their hearts and lives with His goodness and grace.

We’re still in India tomorrow as we rejoice with a listener in Tamil Nadu. We’ll see you there.