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God’s church is growing in Malawi

November 09, 2020

If you already hopped aboard the Bible Bus for our study in Zechariah today, you also heard Steve and Gregg talk about the exciting things happening through God’s Word in Eastern Africa.

Today as our team lands in Malawi, we hear more good news from our fellow listeners who listen in their language of Chichewa.

A female listener tells us: I am always blessed by Thru the Bible because it brings the joy of the Lord to my heart each time I listen. One thing I have observed is that the program teaches the true Word of God, nothing is diluted to benefit compromises of faith.”

And a new brother in Christ shares: “This program is my favorite. It has made me grow spiritually and helped me to live a Christian life. It has taught me how to pray consistently and direct my prayers to God.”

Another listener says: “Please continue airing Thru the Bible. It has been my daily strength and source of encouragement as I am passing through hard times. I have been sick for a few months and unable to get out of bed.”

And from a remote area we hear this: “Where I live there are mostly Muslims, but I listen to Thru the Bible.  My life has been changed through what I have heard on this program. Please continue this teaching on the radio. Thank you.”

Praise God His church is growing in Malawi. Pray with confidence today as we ask for His Word to be a bright light in the darkness that holds many captive to Islam and witchcraft. And as God’s Word set hearts free, lift up the more than 1.1 million people whose bodies are struggling with the effects of HIV/AIDS.

We have very few brothers and sisters in Somalia, but they need our prayers. Meet us there tomorrow as we join our hearts in prayer.