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From Garth in Ireland: “Truth remains truth no matter how many years have gone by.”

October 27, 2020

With more than 30,000 castles and some of the world’s oldest historic sites, our prayer adventure through Ireland is an exciting one.

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today as we travel through the scenic highways and byways, we stop in southern Ireland to meet with Garth who lives in Cobh. He says:

“I am a 65-year-old blind veteran from the Rhodesian Bush War.  I emigrated to Ireland in 2007. I have been listening to Thru the Bible since the mid-1980s, when I would hurry home after a day’s work for the family supper. Then, I would retire to my study with my transistor radio.

“When I left Africa, I always knew that I would find
Thru the Bible again. And, one day my twin brother (living in the lovely state of Georgia), bought me a Solar Bible Bus. Since then I have gone through so many of Dr. McGee’s teachings. Truth remains truth no matter how many years have gone by.

“I love to witness to the many people I often meet and use a great guide dog to get around. Often the dog is a catalyst for my many conversations. I often speak about the beatitudes, which immediately interests those of more ritualistic beliefs, and then I share Dr. McGee’s teaching in the book of Mathew. Many of them are so excited and want to learn more, so I’ll tell them to visit and listen for themselves. Thank you for this teaching. May God bless you all, God keep you all, may God preserve you all, and may you continue to get joy out of your calling.”

Thank the Lord for those sharing His Word with their communities. Pray today for listeners like Garth. One by one, may God use us to point people to Jesus and His beautiful gift of salvation.

Do you need help in sharing God’s Word? We have several of Dr. McGee’s resources that explain God’s offer of eternal life to all those who believe in His Son, Jesus Christ.

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