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“Even though I wasn’t following God, He never gave up on me …”

October 15, 2020

“He never gave up on me.” 

That’s the good news we hear from Ananya who studies God’s Word with us in her language of Malayalam in India. Here’s more of her story:  

“I grew up in a non-Christian family, but I attended a Christian school. When I married, my husband and I practiced the rituals of our family religion, but in my heart, I never forgot about the commitment I made to God as a girl. My husband met many Christians and did not like them, so he forbade me from visiting a church or reading the Bible.

“A few years ago, a neighbor invited me to attend the Bible study at her home. After years of longing to hear God’s Word, I went—even though I knew my husband wouldn’t be happy. That’s when I heard about you. I studied more, and I began to realize that even though I wasn’t following God, He never gave up on me and was waiting for me to come back. It was Him who was calling my heart back to Him since I was a child. What a revelation!

“Now I listen to you every morning and it feeds my soul. My husband still forbids me from attending church, but he permits me to listen to Thru the Bible and I still quietly visit my neighbor. Thank you for being my church and helping me grow in faith.” 

It’s true, God is patient and never gives up on us. Thank Him today for how He uses Thru the Bible to draw listeners to Himself like this sweet sister and others in India and throughout the world. Pray their hearts are softened and they come to Him by faith through a relationship with His Son, Jesus. 

Join us tomorrow as we pray for God’s Word to break through hard spiritual soil in the state of Gujarat.