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Praying for desperate Christians in Nigeria

September 30, 2020

“It’s a miracle we are alive. Please continue to pray.”

That’s the desperate text message we received from a listener named Ododo. Sadly, she’s not the only one. Since the global pandemic began in March, Nigerians have become what many call “doubly vulnerable.”

Persecution is still a life-threatening issue, but obtaining work and feeding their families has become the primary concern for many. Government aid is inadequate, and it’s reported that Christian families receive six times smaller rations than Muslims.

Now more than ever before, our brothers and sisters in Nigeria need our support. As we pray for God to protect and provide for them, let’s also praise Him in confidence for what He is already doing. Together, let’s echo these words from Nahum 1:7 that Ododo shared at the end of her text.

“Though I am afraid, I trust the Lord knows and loves me and my children. From your study in Nahum I remember these words and repeat them to my children daily, ‘The Lord is good, He is my stronghold in days of trouble, and He knows those who trust in Him.’”

Tomorrow we’ll pray our way through Benin. May God bless and keep you until then.