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Get a reminder of God’s strength and protection from a sister in Lithuania

September 24, 2020

He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be moved.  -Psalm 62:6

Our travels through Eastern Europe continue today with a stop in the diverse country of Lithuania. Feel the warm sea breeze? In your imagination, feel the sand of the beaches along the Baltic sea and hear the clip-clop of shoes on the cobblestoned streets in the medieval capital city, Vilnius. As we walk along, a listener named Katrina shares her joy in discovering God’s Word taught on Thru the Bible.

 “I was in a really difficult period of my life. I listened to the radio a lot, and I accidentally found your program. It’s still hard for me to believe, but the first sentence I heard was exactly the one I needed most at that moment. I can’t even recall what was said. I just remember feeling that someone cares for me. This still brings tears to my eyes.

“A year later, I am still listening and am grateful for all the lessons I have learned. I read His Word and fellowship with God daily. When I face difficulties, I turn to the Psalms and let the Lord remind me of His strength and protection. A favorite is Psalm 62:6. I still worry, but I now know who I can turn to and who will defend me. Thank you for everything you have done.”

Today pray Lithuanians will come to know Jesus as their Savior and study His Word. And, like Katrina, remember when you need Him, God is there for you, too. Listen for His voice.

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When his parents pass away, a son realizes the importance of their spiritual legacy. We’ll hear more of this family’s story tomorrow as we journey to Poland.