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Do you feel the kinship of others on the Bible Bus?

September 23, 2020

Nothing is more exciting than hearing how God meets the needs of our brothers and sisters and answers our World Prayer Team requests. Today in Ukraine, we meet Helena who thanks us for our prayers and tells us how grateful she is to be with us on the Bible Bus.

“Listening to your programs is like drinking cold water in the heat. Another sister in Christ and I are the only believers in our village. I have sore legs, and I can’t get to the city to attend a church service. So we listen to Thru the Bible and then talk on the phone about what we’ve learned. It’s not the same as church, but I do feel as though God is with us. We praise His name and we pray for others. We try not to miss your radio programs even for a day. Thank you for providing these programs and praying for us. We feel kinship with all those who listen.”

What a joy and privilege to witness God at work! Keep praying for those who are unable to gather with a body of believers. May their hearts be encouraged and their spirits lifted as they study His Word each day.

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