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From mountaintops to rooftops, God’s Word is heard in Pakistan

September 09, 2020

From the very well-known K2 to the obscure but beautiful Musa ka Musallah, Pakistan is home to many mountains—including four of the highest peaks in the world. Sadly, political instability and armed gunmen have slowed tourism, and these mountains are now considered too dangerous to visit.

The violence also affects city dwellers. Experts tell us terrorism has brought widespread devastation, killing thousands and hindering economic development. Despite these grim reports, from the rugged Northwest frontier to the teeming cities in the South, Thru the Bible shares the peace and hope of Jesus Christ from mountaintops to rooftops and everywhere in between. Listen to this story from a new listener named Fahma.

“I come from a village where there are hardly any Christians. My family are strong followers in the faith of our country. One day a friend who had accepted Christ through your radio programs called me to sit next to her on the rooftop of her house and invited me to listen to your program along with her. It was the first time I heard about Jesus. In fact, it was the first time I heard a radio program in Sindhi, my language. We now regularly sneak up to listen. It is our secret. I thank God for giving me a friend who cared enough to lead me to Christ. I thank God for a program like yours. Without this, I would never have known about Jesus.”

Pray for these two young women as they grow in their faith, and pray for all those in Pakistan who hear God’s Word and courageously decide to follow Jesus in a country where persecution and conflict are common.

We’re praying Psalm 119:18 in Maharashtra tomorrow. Invite a friend to make the trek, too.