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The depths of God’s Word are discovered in West Bengal

September 08, 2020

“To know the will of God, we need an open Bible and an open map.” -William Carey

More than 200 years ago, William Carey, often called the father of modern missions, shared God’s Word with the Bengali people and translated the Bible into their language.

So, in his honor we set off with our Bibles open and map in hand as we pray for Thru the Bible’s reach in this region. Although Christians are few in West Bengal, God’s Word is spreading and listeners like this one are joining the effort:

“I was introduced to you in 1984. Through your program, I came to know Jesus Christ and was able to understand the depths of the Word of God. Over the years, I have shared about God in my village and many have come to faith. We are now reaching out to other villages nearby. Please keep me and my family in your prayers. Specifically, that we will be instruments in God’s hands, helping others to hear about Jesus Christ.”

Praise God for this faithful believer and others like him in West Bengal. As we intercede today, ask God to bless them as they study His Word and share His love with others. And as we pray, ask God to give you the courage to share your faith with someone else, too.

Need some help? Visit and click on How Can I Know God? There we’ve set aside several free resources you can share for free.

From rooftops to mountaintops, God’s Word is heard in Pakistan. Pray for its effectiveness tomorrow on World Prayer Today.