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Meet a living example of 1 Timothy 6:18

July 10, 2020

Let them do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share.
-1 Timothy 6:18

Welcome to World Prayer Today. As we pray, country by country, our journey through Eastern Africa concludes, we visit with Liya, a listener who is a living example of 1 Timothy 6:18.

“I live in a remote area where the road is very bad, the electricity is poor, and we have no internet. My family did not want me to leave, but I came here to work as a social worker. You are my friends, and my church is Thru the Bible in my language of Amharic. Through your teaching, I share about God’s love for the poor and the blessings He is waiting to give those who believe in Him. Please pray that my work here will not be in vain. That I may help those I work with and share God’s love with everyone who needs to hear it. There are so many in need of His hope and peace as they struggle to live.”

While the government actively seeks to help its people, many in Ethiopia are starving, and more than two-third are illiterate. Ask God to provide Ethiopian leaders with His wisdom as they work to make changes for the good of the people. Also pray for Liya and all those who share God’s love with those who desperately need it.

Next week we’re off to Central America. Until then, we’re praying for you as you walk in God’s Word.