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Pray along with Thru the Bible’s producer in Sweden

June 10, 2020

As we travel on our knees through the largest Scandinavian country, we’re reminded that the secularization and liberalism that proudly defines Sweden’s political life has also invaded the church.  

So, as we ask God to awaken individual hearts and minds through the teaching of His Word, also consider these requests from Curt Westman, Thru the Bible’s Swedish producer: 

  1. Intercede for our youth. Ask God to give them an unprecedented hunger and thirst for righteousness amid growing humanistic interests.
  2. Pray that despite growing opposition, church and ministry leaders will be bold and confident in proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ to a sleeping nation.
  3. Pray our churches will become vibrant centers of hope and life, where Jesus’ name is proudly spoken and God’s love is revealed through the wise teaching of His Word.

What great requests. As we bring these matters before the Lord, let’s also lift up Curt and ask God to bless his ministry and the ministry of all those who serve God in Sweden and around the world.  

We’re back to Norway tomorrow to pray for those who hear Thru the Bible in the Lapp language. Meet us there.