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“I was Muslim, but now I have converted to Christianity.”

June 01, 2020

With gorgeous beaches, vibrant cities, easy transportation, and diverse wildlife, many people call Ghana “Africa for beginners.”

As our World Prayer Team lands in the capital city of Accra, we’re met by several listeners excited to share what they are learning on the Bible Bus.

Samuel says: “From your programs I have learned that believers must endeavor to seek God’s Word rather than material things. We should yearn for salvation rather than miracles. This is very different and helpful teaching.”

Obed tells us: “I was a Muslim, but with Thru the Bible’s Twi program, I now look to Jesus! This program has touched me so much.”

Evans greets us and shares: “My wife and I were having problems, but after studying the books of Revelation and Daniel, we are now working out our differences and respect each other more. Thank you for helping us focus on what is important.”

Praise God for His work in Ghana. But there is still a lot to pray about. While roughly 63% of Ghanaians call themselves Christians, many are nominal in their faith or practice dual spirituality influenced by traditional African religions. And the strong Muslim presence in the north of Ghana has launched an aggressive outreach to the rest of the country and is making serious inroads. 

Yet, despite all of this, we know God is in control and His Word will not return void (Isaiah 55:11). Today ask Him to expand the ministry of His Word in Ghana. As more people hear about Jesus, may they choose to submit their wills to Him and leave the traditions of their past behind.

Join us tomorrow as we travel east to Nigeria.