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“I was unmarried and felt worthless.”

April 14, 2020

Today our World Prayer team travels through Mongolia praying for listeners like Orgil, who shares her story:

“I am 37 and not married. When I was an unbeliever, I always felt worthless.

“I was not sent to school as a child, and therefore I did not learn to read or write. I was lost with very low self-confidence. But today things are different: I learned to read and write as an adult, and I started going to church in Darkhan. I later found my way to Bible school and started listening to Thru the Bible while there. I now believe in Jesus and am a more confident person in Jesus Christ who loves me and gave Himself for me.

“A friend from church gave me a radio. I’m learning a lot. I know God created me and loves me. I now have confidence. My heart has been healed, and I await the blessings the Lord has in store for me in this life and beyond.”

How exciting! Pray more people in Mongolia will discover God’s Word and be introduced to a saving relationship with Him. Through Him, may they find the confidence to live in light of His promises, both for today and eternity.

The journey continues tomorrow. Travel with us as we pray our way through Taiwan.