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We’re eavesdropping in India

April 06, 2020

Welcome to World Prayer Today.

Certainly the world holds its breath this week as we pray for healing, and we also have a lot to celebrate as we count down to Resurrection Sunday. Every day we’ll praise God and give Him glory for how He saves us—body and soul.

Here’s today’s praise. We’re in India “eavesdropping” on a recent call from a fellow listener:

“I was born and bought up in a family that believes in many gods. For the past year and a half, I’ve listened to this program in my language of Bengali.

“I love it very much. I came to know so many valuable teachings about God through this program. Please let me know how to accept Jesus Christ in my life. I would like to do it now.”

That’s a request we love to answer! As this listener prayed with our in-country team member, he became a brother in Christ! Isn’t that great? Pray more follow in his footsteps.

More encouraging stories of God’s amazing grace tomorrow.