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“As a pastor, I face many challenges…”

March 13, 2020

Welcome, pray warriors. As we travel on our knees, praise God for the encouragement His Word gives us when we need it most:

“I thank God for your teaching. I am very encouraged each time I listen. It is not easy serving as full-time pastor. I have faced many challenges like providing for my family and my limitations in my knowledge of the Bible. I considered resigning from the church, but just in time God led me to you. Now I am reminded that God is with me in every single situation I am facing, and He never leaves me alone. He is always there for me, and He is the greatest provider for those who trust in Him. Please pray that my faith will be strengthened, and I will become a better pastor to my people. Thank you for everything.”

What a great request. Pray for this pastor and others in Cambodia.  Intercede for their spiritual and physical needs. Ask God to provide abundantly for each one as they serve Him with their lives. Through their ministries may many more come to know and serve Him in Southeastern Asia and around the world.

This wonderful journey in prayer continues next week. What will God do then? Let’s find out together.