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Celebrate God’s work in Southeastern Asia

March 09, 2020

God is at work in Indonesia. That’s what we’re celebrating as we make our first stop of a week-long prayer journey through Southeastern Asia.

 Rejoice in God’s work in the hearts of those who listen to Thru the Bible.

Ekko in East Java writes: I am blessed by the program because it challenges me to face our family problems. From it, I know the meaning of a faithful Christian family. I pray many families will also be blessed by the truth you share.”

And, Kristiyono from Central Java shared: “From listening to your explanations of the Bible, I believe in Jesus more and more. I believe He’s the one who has control over my life. I need to submit to Him and trust Him.”

Patmiasih from Batu emailed to say: “Your study on Matthew 13-18 was meaningful. The program told us that if we obey God and continue to learn from the Bible, we will find our strength from God. It also reminded us to be fruitful Christians and be a blessing to other people. From this lesson I also learned I can rely on the Holy Spirit to guide my way.”

Thank you for your faithful prayers. Don’t stop! Keep asking for God to reach listeners like these in Indonesia and keep praying for more people to tune in to Thru the Bible programs in both the Indonesian and Javanese languages.

We’ll have more good news tomorrow as our expedition in prayer continues in the Philippines.