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“My family thinks I’m crazy for studying the Bible.”

February 28, 2020

Sit down with a listener named Bozo as we pray our way through Kosovo today. Here is his story:

“I would like to tell you how I found Jesus. My father was a Croat Catholic from Dubrovnik, and my mother was a Serb Orthodox from Trebinje, Bosnia. They were both atheists.

“When the war started, I was in the Croatian army. One day we went into the empty house near the frontline where we stayed for a few days. It was great to sleep again in a bed instead of under the sky on rocky ground. However, the best part was while we searched the house, I found a Bible.

“Churches in this region claim to be based on the Bible but no one reads it. So, I started to read it from Genesis …. But I could not find Jesus, just Abraham, Isaac, Joseph … and I knew the church is about Jesus.

“Later, after the war, I got a New Serbian Bible from you. Now I am part of a house group and I listen to Dr. McGee.  And Dr. McGee shows me how to find Jesus throughout the Bible!

“My family thinks I am crazy for reading the Bible, but I am fine with that. Some have even started to listen with me. My most important concern is that I am a teacher (primary school) and all of my students are Muslims. Please pray I can peacefully share God’s Word and perhaps sow a seed of faith in their hearts.”

More than 90% of people in Kosovo are Muslim. As we pray today, lift up this teacher, and all our fellow listeners who share their faith with others in Kosovo. And while we’re at it, let’s intercede for Thru the Bible’s programs in Serbian and Albanian to also reach people searching for God.

Thank you for being a part of this prayer journey. Next week we’re off to Canada, where we’ll find lots to pray about. See you then.