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Prayers are answered in Uganda

February 06, 2020

God is at work in Uganda. If you heard Gregg and Steve on yesterday’s on-air Thru the Bible study, then you’re ready to celebrate with us!

If not, listen online and then watch these joyful testimonies on our YouTube channel.

Did you hear that, team? Our prayers are being answered! As Pastor Hiire says in his video testimony, “Christians are understanding the Scriptures and getting inspired in the Word of God, and Muslims are confessing Jesus Christ as their Lord!” Praise God. Let’s thank Him now together.

Father, thank you for Your Word that is changing lives in Uganda and around the world. We are grateful for these encouraging testimonies and how they refresh our hearts and renew our spirits. We pray more people in Uganda will hear the name of Jesus and be drawn to know You better. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Hop aboard tomorrow as we travel south to Mozambique and pray alongside a mother in crisis.