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Praying for one-fourth of the world’s population

January 15, 2020

The population of Eastern Asian countries is exploding. Already, they are home to nearly 1.67 billion (one-fourth of the world’s population) people whom God loves. But statistically speaking (with the exception of South Korea), less than 5% of the population in each of these countries know the name of Jesus or call Him Lord.

It’s for these hearts and souls we intercede today. Ask God to make Himself known through the proclamation of His Word in languages like Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and Mongolian.

Join as we pray alongside listeners like this one who writes:

“I received a Bible as a gift. The bookmark that came with it is of a radio program called Thru the Bible. I visited the website and since then I have been listening to this program. I have never read the Bible, but hearing these commentaries makes it understandable. Now I am listening to the book of Kings. Before I just wanted to leave Mongolia and live overseas, but now my attitude has changed. I have hope and I often pray for my nation and our people.”

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