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Take a quiz on Latin America

November 21, 2019

Latin America—the group of Romance-language-speaking countries spanning from the Rio Grande River in the north to the tip of Cape Horn in the south—is a fascinating part of the world.

Think back to geography class and quiz yourself on the following questions: 

1. What’s the largest Latin American city?

   a) Lima, Peru   b) Mexico City, Mexico   c)Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2. What percentage of people live in cities?

   a) 40%     b) 80%     c) 25%

3. The Amazon River sprawls across eight countries, including 1.4 billion acres of dense forest. In Brazil, the Amazon is also home to the most isolated indigenous tribes in the world. How many of those tribes do you think still need to hear the gospel?

   a) 17     b) 77     c) 7

For each of these questions, the correct answer is B. How’d you do?

Latin America is exquisite, diverse, and in need of the Good News to permeate each country, language, and family. Praise God today for His work in the people of Latin America.

Tomorrow we’ll travel on our knees to pray for the beautiful people of Spain.