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“Imagine my surprise when I found God … beside me!”

November 14, 2019

Everyone’s story of how they came to faith is unique, but we all share the same beginning: We once were lost … and then we were found.

Enjoy this young man’s brief but beautiful account of coming to faith in Jesus Christ. This brother writes from Tripura, India:

“My youth was spent carelessly, but as I grew older I began to ask many serious questions and began searching for the truth. A friend suggested I listen to your program, and imagine my surprise that when I finally found God … He was beside me all along. It was not God who was lost, but me.”

It is for people like this we pray every day.  Be encouraged and keep praying as the Word of God touches people’s lives all around the world.

Tomorrow’s prayer journey takes us to one of the last states in India to open to missionaries. See you then.