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Saved from a rebel invasion

October 23, 2019

A mother of three in the Philippines saves her children from rebel gunfire—all the while trusting in her Shepherd.

Read her amazing story:

“‘The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.’ Some people say this is a very common verse in the Bible. But for me, this became my inspiration to fully trust the living and true God without doubt and hesitation.

“I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord after listening to the Bible teaching on Thru the Bible. A woman in my village invited me to listen, and I heard and believed in Jesus. I became addicted to listening to this program, because it not only inspires me but also helps me whenever problems come.

“And problems did come. On August 11, rebels invaded our house to hide from the military that were searching for them. As a mother to my three children, I was so scared and tried to think of a way to keep my children out of danger. Then I recalled the verse Psalms 23:1 that I heard explained on your program. At that frightening time, God reminded me through His Word to fully trust Him. Several hours passed, militaries came, and there was gunfire. I shielded my children but was shot by a bullet in my shoulder. I am fine, my children are fine, and God spared our lives. He is our Shepherd. 

“May God continue to pour out His blessing to those who continue good works by letting the whole world know that God exists, is true, and is the perfect protector to those who trust in His perfect ways. May God bless us all.”

Wow—what a strong testimony of God’s trustworthiness. Pray for those in dangerous situations to call out to God.

Tomorrow we hear a story of hope and healing from Australia. Join us here for a blessed time of prayer.