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Where is the gospel beating Communism?

October 22, 2019

In what country is the gospel breaking the grip of Communism? It’s Vietnam! Vietnam is one of the last remaining Communist countries. But despite government opposition, many Vietnamese love Jesus and hunger for Bible teaching.

A listener named Vim wrote,

Thank God because He gave me a chance to listen to His Word through your program. I have been attracted by the Bible teaching method. Each verse is explained clearly and in detail. It helped me find out that God’s Word is sweet. My soul is filled with joy.”

As you’d expect, Christian radio is forbidden in Vietnam, but we’ve found another way in. People listen to Thru the Bible on speaker boxes. This great and easy technology allows listeners to hear up to 30 hours of radio programming from a single digital chip. 

Keep praying for new technologies like this to break down Communist barriers all over the world. Intercede right now for believers gathering in dangerous places to hear the life-changing Word of God.

Tomorrow we’ll visit the beautiful people of the Philippines.