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“We’re praying up here!”

October 07, 2019

Remember, World Prayer Team, you can pray anytime day or night.

Take this encouragement from Marie in Quebec City:

“Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I pray in French (my national language) for all the French-speaking nations. In our World Prayer tradition, I travel on my knees to my neighbors in Quebec City, Montreal, then across the beautiful countryside and cities of France, then to African nations like the Congo and Burkina Faso, then to Central America’s Haiti. In the morning, I look at a map and see where I missed and where I should go on my next sleepless night.

“We are blessed to be able to pray for others on a daily basis with all the partners of the TTB prayer team. Whenever I pray with the team, I find myself reflecting on how fortunate we are for having the gift of religious freedom. Keep going, team. We are praying up here, too!”

Great encouragement from Canada to keep praying!

Tomorrow, we’ll hear encouraging news from the United States.