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How is our family in Morocco?

September 26, 2019

Yes, believe it—you have family in Morocco. Brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ living in this predominantly Muslim nation may be forced to worship in secret, but as is often the case, persecution has fueled the fires of faith.

Here is an update from a couple who serve in Thru the Bible’s partner organization in Morocco:

“We just came back from Casablanca in Morocco where we spent six months with our brothers and sisters. I have great news to tell you. In Morocco, those who convert to Christianity (among the Berbers) are countless and added to our Kabyle numbers that are innumerable. More good news is that great fruit is coming from your program. We visited several Christian families who rush to listen to Thru the Bible in Kabyle. One mother told my wife how she and her husband and their children met Jesus—it was by the broadcasts of Thru the Bible which she heard on the website. The news of this site was communicated by word of mouth throughout Morocco. Your online programs have brought much success.”

Pray for the continued effectiveness of radio broadcasts on air and online. Pray also for the protection of our family in this country that is hostile to open faith in Jesus Christ.

Pray for the people of the Middle East again tomorrow—this time from an unexpected location.