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“My car becomes my church”

July 17, 2019

“My car becomes my church!” That’s what a listener named Erdenebat in Mongolia told us recently.

He continues:

“I am a deliveryman and I spend my days in my car. A few months ago I started to listen to your programs. I am very encouraged by God’s Word and your explanations. When Thru the Bible airs, my car becomes my church. Now I’ve started giving a Christian brochure and little book to everyone I visit. I tell them to listen to your programs. I am very glad to serve God together with you.”

And another listener recently contacted us to say:

“Every Saturday morning, about 11 of us gather to listen to your program and talk about what we’ve learned. Many started coming because they were confused and discouraged, but now they look forward to talking about God’s Word and meeting together. Your broadcasts encourage us through the week until we can be together and fellowship. We are often so excited to share what we are learning, that we all talk at once! Thank you for the wonderful work.”

Isn’t that great? In Mongolia only 1.73% of the people claim Jesus as their Lord. Let’s continue to pray for evangelists like Erdenebat and for listening groups that are beginning to grow. Ask God to multiply the number of people who hear His Word on Thru the Bible and respond in faith.

Tomorrow our prayer journey takes us to North Korea.