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From Syria, “God’s Word is the oxygen that keeps me going…”

July 11, 2019

Welcome to the World Prayer Team. The country of Syria has had a prominent place in the news recently as multiple millions of citizens have been displaced from their homes and many killed.

Meet a friend of Thru the Bible, Saray, who lives in Syria. It’s not certain if she still lives there, but receive her story of hope—even as her country continues to be ravaged. She shares,

“I'm a regular listener to your program; I live in Syria. I’ve been listening for many years to Thru the Bible’s Arabic radio program. I feel blessed that I found you long ago. Although I am from a non-Christian background, I came to know and believe that Jesus is the way and the life and no other.

“Let me share with you the feeling that I went through a couple of days ago. Every night, I tuned in to listen to this awesome, lovely, heavenly program when there was a strange sound over the program that prevented me from really hearing the program, as if someone was intentionally cutting off the radio waves.

“My thoughts went in a million directions, thinking that because of the situation in my country they are cutting the Christian radio channels so we do not listen to anything that would make us see the truth and live it with Christ!

“For two days I was sad and disturbed because I couldn’t listen to TTB. You know, TTB is my way to understand the Lord and the oxygen that keeps me going through this hard time. You need to know that your teaching is affecting many, many Arabs who do not know Christ. Thank you from all of my heart, and thank God that your broadcast is back!”

Who knows what happened to Saray’s broadcasts, but praise God they are back. Perhaps our prayers had something to do with that! God hears and responds to the prayers of His people.

Tomorrow we’ll be praying for fellow Bible Bus riders in Iraq. See you there!