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A rising generation in Tunisia turns to God

July 10, 2019

Today we’re praying across one of the most important Arabic-speaking countries in North Africa. With more educated young adults per capita than most, Tunisia’s rising generation has let their voice be heard.

Several years ago, “the Arab Spring” began here when young people used social media to let their objections and new ideas be heard. And the world listened.

Farid from Tunisia wrote:

I listen regularly on the radio broadcast every night! I do not just get enough from the night broadcast so continue to listen to Thru the Bible through the internet streaming almost all day! I feel that the Lord keeps talking to me through it and I feel so close to Him through His Word when it is explained by your ministry! Please pray for the faith of me and my friends. Ask that God would set us ablaze with His love for our world.”

Well, Farid gave us our marching orders. Pray today for the people of Tunisia (and all of us) to be “set ablaze” with the love of God. Start by asking God to begin with your heart.

Tomorrow brings us another opportunity to pray for the Middle East and North Africa. Let’s meet right here as we pray for Syria.