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Praying for the persecuted in Kyrgyzstan

July 02, 2019

Unspoiled mountain vistas, rolling summer pastures, and a warm hospitality are just a few of the reasons travelers are drawn to the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan.

But stay awhile and you’ll soon see that the 89% of people who declare themselves followers of Mohammed are less than welcoming to their countrymen who follow Jesus Christ. In fact, Kyrgyz cultural identity is so tightly associated with Islam that accepting Christ is often a difficult and measured decision. Muslims intimidate believers through property destruction and physical violence. Because of these threats, many believers are forced to worship in secrecy.

That’s why in countries like this, Thru the Bible does not receive many letters. But God often encourages us to remain faithful through the testimony of Christian workers such as this one who reports:

“A group of believers was traveling on bus to share the gospel with those living in remote villages. On their way they had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. The team got out of the bus and while some helped with the changing of the tire, others went to talk with local people who were working in the fields. When the conversation turned to Jesus, one of the field workers said they knew Him because they listen to your programs on the radio!”

Praise God that in a country where sharing God’s love is difficult and dangerous, Christian radio can quietly enter homes. Today pray that Thru the Bible broadcasts heard in the languages of Uzbek and Central-Asian Russian will change the lives of more people in Kyrgyzstan. Let’s intercede for those who boldly share the name of Jesus without fear and ask God to bless and protect them as they glorify His name.

Tomorrow we’re off to Moldova. Come pray with us!