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Praying for Christians “caught in the middle” in Israel

June 13, 2019

If you wonder if God is at work in Israel, enjoy this letter from Nadin, a listener of Thru the Bible’s Arabic language program.

“I wait every night so I can feed on the Word of God with you. I have grown spiritually because of your teachings. I cannot thank you enough because you are my church and my brothers and sisters. Sometimes we Christians can feel alone here, neither accepted by the Jewish or the Muslims. Thank you for your program that makes us feel connected.”

Today let’s pray for the conflict between the Jews and Palestinians and especially for Christians who are caught in between. Please also continue to pray for a translator of Thru the Bible’s Hebrew broadcast. Ask God to lead us to someone who is trained, like-minded, and excited to join us in bringing His Word to His chosen people.

Tomorrow we continue our journey through the Middle East and North Africa. Come ready to pray.