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Hello from Brazil

June 06, 2019

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, has been broadcasting Thru the Bible since 1977 and has many faithful people riding the Bible Bus.

Say “hello” to your fellow Brazilian Bible Bus riders:

  • I have been studying with you for more than three years. I hear the program on my lunch break and it is a wonderful time with God. May we continue steadfast, because I want to keep this habit until the return of our Lord Jesus! May God bless you richly and all listeners and intercessors, too!”
  • I crave the truth of the genuine Word of God and appreciate the clear explanations on Thru the Bible. Please continue helping me in prayer, because I believe that prayer of the righteous is powerful in its effects. My family and I are donors, for the goodness of God, of this so valuable work.”
  • When I have moments of spiritual warfare I get strength and confidence through the words of comfort and with the messages and illustrations that come to us from the studies. Keep up the work that breaks through spiritual boundaries through the power of the gospel of salvation. Many people, like me, in Brazil are delighted and amazed with everything the Lord has given us through this ministry.”

Recently, a new five-year cycle of TTB programs was produced. Ask God to use these fresh programs to continue to reach Portuguese speakers across Brazil and the world!

Our prayer team visits with an unexpected listener in Paraguay tomorrow. See you then!