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“Where would my life be if I had no Jesus?”

April 17, 2019

“Where would my life be if I had no Jesus?”

No matter where you live, life is hard. In Botswana, HIV is having an epidemic-level impact—touching more than one quarter of the population. Yet in spite of his health, one brother who listens to the Tswa broadcast of Thru the Bible writes:

Though my body is collapsing like a tent, God’s love has changed me from the inside. Thank you, wonderful God, for Thy mercy, and for the privilege of listening to Your holy Word. I am here to testify that the grace of God is sufficient. I also thank God’s mercy that is renewed every day. Jesus’ love for me is all that sustains me! The death of Jesus is very precious to me because it means I have the right to enter the presence of God. I recognize that even the wealthiest men never have enough to pay for their own salvation. Only the blood of Jesus frees us from the guilt of sin.”

Our African brother closes his letter with this prayer—let’s echo it:

“Beloved God, I bow before Thee, to thank You for Your Son’s death that brings us salvation. Allow us the strength and will to tirelessly proclaim this gospel to our brothers, amen.”

Join us tomorrow as we thank God for new life in Pennsylvania. It’s always a miracle.