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It doesn’t matter where you are—God’s Word will find you

April 04, 2019

When God wants to get His Word to you, it doesn’t matter where you are. Want proof? Here are two stories about the ministry of God’s Word to Greek people told to our Thru the Bible staff in Cyprus.

Katrin shared, “I am from Connecticut and I heard the program for the first time while visiting my parents in Greece. Would you please send me a New Testament in the Modern Greek language to my home in America? I am interested in meeting God.”

Maria from Corinth called to tell us, “I was visiting in America and became reborn when I heard your program. Now I listen as much as I can on Thru the Bible’s website.”

Pray today for the Greek people living on Cyprus and throughout the Mediterranean. Thank God for reaching hearts that are willing to receive His Word.

Tomorrow we continue our world prayer journey in the Middle East. Come ready to pray.