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Traveling the rugged and remote roads of Tajikistan

March 27, 2019

Despite its description by travelers as “rugged, beautiful, and remote,” the country of Tajikistan is a difficult place to live.

Still recovering from a five-year civil war for independence, more than 84% of people live in poverty, making Tajikistan the poorest nation in Central Asia.

Mirroring the economic climate, the spiritual outlook in Tajikistan is desperate as well. With over 93% claiming Islam, few have had the opportunity to hear the gospel. But praise God, a Tajik church is growing with roughly 1,000 believers.

Today let’s pray that Thru the Bible broadcasts in Uzbek and Russian reach these believers to disciple and encourage them. Let’s also ask that His Word will reach the vast majority of Tajiks who have never heard the name of Jesus. As it says in Isaiah 55:11, may His Word—sent forth—not return void.

Join us tomorrow as we celebrate God’s faithfulness in Russia.