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How many Bibles are at your house?

March 04, 2019

You may not have thought about it recently, but isn’t it an amazing blessing to own a Bible in your own language?

More than likely you have several copies of God’s Word at your house. You can pick up and read any of them, any time you want. Right?

Today our World Prayer Team is lifting up people who live in western India—a region that is both spiritually poor and economically challenged. One listener wrote:

“My wife, our children, and I listen to Thru the Bible regularly and we are personally blessed. We do not own a copy of the Old Testament in our Kutchi language, so we listen with great excitement to the Word of God and are growing in the knowledge of the Old Testament because of your program. We are learning so much! Thank God for His whole Word coming to our part of the world.”

Praise God! Because of praying partners, Thru the Bible is reaching this part of the world with God’s whole Word. Next time you open your copy of the Scriptures, thank Him for hearing our prayers for India.

Tomorrow we’ll travel to India’s opposite coast to meet a woman who heard about Jesus on the side of a road!