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Our prayer destination: Belize

February 25, 2019

What do you know about Belize that you didn’t learn from severe hurricane warnings or from travel brochures? Those are the predominant ways the world thinks of this small nation wedged between Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

You may also have heard about Belize linked with the growing dominance of Mexican drug cartels—contrasted with 40% of the population who live in poverty and the thousands of children who have been orphaned or left to support themselves.

Pray today that behind these horrific numbers God’s grace will reach people who seek Him. Interestingly, the majority of Belizeans profess Christianity, but they often combine a pure faith in God with their former dark practices including superstitions, paganism, and black magic.

Pray that God will draw people back to Himself. Thru the Bible is heard in Belize in both English—its official language—and in Spanish—the language most understood by the Mestizo population, those from Mayan and Spanish ancestry.

Our prayer journey through Latin America continues tomorrow. Looking forward to traveling on our knees together.