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How does a nation heal?

February 18, 2019

How does a nation heal from generations of tyranny and abuse? Answer: Slowly.

Cambodia’s scarred past from atrocities like those committed by the Khmer Rouge, when over two million Khmer people—nearly a quarter of Cambodia’s current population—were executed in a four-year span called the “Killing Fields.” This crime against humanity followed on the heels of the Vietnam War, which also directly affected people in nearby Laos and Cambodia.

But now, 40 years later, Cambodians are healing. A new generation has emerged who do not remember the 1970’s. In fact, more than half of Cambodians are under the age of 21, yet uneducated. Although Buddhism dominates the culture, there is a growing interest in the gospel, evidenced by evangelical churches growing in the last decade.

Pray for the people of Cambodia to find personal and national healing in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Boldly intercede for Cambodians to hear and respond to God’s invitation to save and restore their hearts. Specifically, pray that those unreached people that make up 75% of the population would hear God’s Word taught on Christian radio or media players. Clear Bible-teaching is the most effective way for a nation to heal.

Our prayer journey witnesses a miracle happening in Myanmar. We’ll pray again tomorrow for the Burmese people.